Saturday, April 11, 2009

Internety Safety "Doing"

For this assignment I talked to my younger brother who is 17 years old. We talked about how often we use the computer during the day and the week, and especially how often we use the internet. He said that he mostly uses the computer in order to complete homework assignments as well as to check facebook. He said that on average he used the computer for about 3 hours a day. Furthermore, we discussed the dangers of using the internet and how to avoid them. The computer in our home is in a high traffic area and he told me that he knows that whenever something appears on the computer that is harmful he always alerts our parents.

The conversation was a positive one and we both feel that although the internet may present numerous detrimental experiences, that it is also an opprotunity to gain a wealth of heathy and educational content that may be used for good. Our discussion was a valuable one due to the rarity of the topic discussed between us. We grew up simply understanding that there is some evil in the world and how to avoid such through the guidance of the Spirit as well as the direction of our parents and the leaders of the Church. The discussion was easy and fluid due to our close relationship and it was exciting to know that my brother holds steady in his values.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I learned from another's presentation

I had the opprotunity to view Mindy's presentation and I learned how very easy it is to teach math with technology. The lesson looked simple to perform and it appeared that the students were extremely capapble of grasping the information being presented. I have not seen a promethian board being used and it was interesting to me to see how natural it looked within the walls of the classroom. I also learned from another's presentation that the usage of a Promethian board in order to enhance learning about such things as verbs or vocabulary words is easily done and the class is engaged and well managed.

Practicum Technology Integration Power Point

Monday, April 6, 2009

Internet Safety Readings

The fourth article I chose to read was titled "An Ensign to the Nations, a Light to the World" by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

The most important things I learned from this reading directly related to the role the Gospel plays in warding off evil, especially in the form of media. President Hinckley constantly admonishes the youth to protest any form of evil, no matter how it presents itself in the world. He further states that as a Church, we must band together to battle such evils that we may see on the television, the Internet, in music and the like. We must abstain from such and openly protest it in the most disciple-like manner.

In relation to my role as a future parent or as a teacher of young children I now understand the importance of speaking to children about the dancers of the Internet as well as the wonderful capabilities and knowledge it holds if it is used properly. Furthermore, children must understand that precautions must be taken to avoid the presence of obscene material and that these bans or restrictions are for their benefit and protection.

I can use this knowledge I have gained to reinforce not only my behavior with the media, but also help strengthen what my family chooses to do. I can participate in family discussions about what uplifting shows I have seen, what websites I have found that have aided in my education, as well as what music may bring the Spirit more directly into the home. For the most part, my family has always been rather careful in the usage of the Internet and we are very open about what we may find and what may need to be banned on our computer. In relation to my friends, I may be an example to them of someone who avoids any potentially harmful or spiritually damaging material.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology-Enhanced lesson 2

For my lesson I constructed a short PowerPoint. This PowerPoint correlated with the book by Guided Reading group was studying, specifically that of bridges. The students were provided the opportunity to guess the bridge before it was labeled on the screen and it appeared to be an enjoyable activity for them. Furthermore, we explored some of the places in the world where these bridges may be found, and discussed why the people chose these specific bridges. I believe this lesson was effective because it was a smooth transition for students, provided an interactive learning environment, and reinforced their previous learning.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Technology-Enhanced lesson

My plan for my technology enhanced lesson involves the guided reading group that I work with. Currently they are reading a book about bridges and some of the unique places where they are found. I plan to put a powerpoint together of various images of these bridges in real life in order to give these students a better frame of reference for what they are reading about. As I go through the powerpoint, students will label the various bridges before I provide the actual name of the bridge in order to reinforce comprehension and the gathering of information.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Classroom Technology Review

While doing the technology inventory I found it rather difficult to obtain the answers I needed due to my placement in a first grade classroom.  The children are rarely exposed to technology with the exception of their computer lab time about once a week.  If the students are struggling with reading or math, they are often brought to resource where they are allowed to use specific tutoring programs on the computers to aid them in their eduction.  Otherwise, most of the technology is intended for the older grade levels and especially for teacher usage.