Saturday, April 11, 2009

Internety Safety "Doing"

For this assignment I talked to my younger brother who is 17 years old. We talked about how often we use the computer during the day and the week, and especially how often we use the internet. He said that he mostly uses the computer in order to complete homework assignments as well as to check facebook. He said that on average he used the computer for about 3 hours a day. Furthermore, we discussed the dangers of using the internet and how to avoid them. The computer in our home is in a high traffic area and he told me that he knows that whenever something appears on the computer that is harmful he always alerts our parents.

The conversation was a positive one and we both feel that although the internet may present numerous detrimental experiences, that it is also an opprotunity to gain a wealth of heathy and educational content that may be used for good. Our discussion was a valuable one due to the rarity of the topic discussed between us. We grew up simply understanding that there is some evil in the world and how to avoid such through the guidance of the Spirit as well as the direction of our parents and the leaders of the Church. The discussion was easy and fluid due to our close relationship and it was exciting to know that my brother holds steady in his values.

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